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Dance Culture Community Wellness

Our Mission:

As a family-friendly space, PiYoDa Flow aims to provide

non-competitive dance and fitness training centered

around culture, community, and wellness.

Our Offerings:


Afro-diasporic, LatinX, Contemporary and Street dance

training, performance opportunities, dance workshops and intensives/camps as well as Pilates, Yoga, Sound Bath....

Our Values:

Culture - We are a community of movement-based artists and educators who believe in the power and importance of culture. We believe that art and dance/movement are critical sites of cultural knowledge, and that they can carry and reflect a people’s or community’s cultural values and beliefs. In this way, PiYoDa Flow is dedicated to preserving cultures (especially those that have been historically marginalized and/or subordinated), while at the same time, creating space for cultural innovation through dance and art-making.


Community - Being in and learning how to be in community is how we can thrive in this world. PiYoDa Flow seeks to cultivate community spaces that are inclusive, open-minded and respectful. We honor our local communities while also welcoming our global and diasporic communities.


Wellness - For us, to be a non-competitive studio means that the health and wellness of our students is a priority. We do not push beyond the limits of what each student consents to. Additionally, we believe that dance, fitness and moving your body, in general, can contribute greatly to one’s mental health, especially in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic that has brought upon us extreme conditions of isolation and disconnectedness. PiYoDa Flow is a space where students can honor their bodies and healing/wellness journeys. 

Our Projects:


In 2022, we've launched two programs under Culture Flow Dance Projects that aim to provide affordable and sustainable dance training for youth K-12 and access to studio space for emerging artists in the greater Los Angeles area. Learn more about Culture Flow Projects and how to support our community!


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