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Culture Flow Projects partners with different organizations to make dance and wellness accessible to our local community. We collaborate closely with each organization to support local dance makers and eliminate financial barriers. These partnerships generate interest and participation in the arts across various demographics. By teaming up with other community organizations, we work together to create positive changes on the ground, making dance and wellness available to an even broader audience.

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Interested in partnering with CFP? Joining forces with organizations in our community that align with our mission of expanding dance and wellness access is our priority. Please inquire to partner with us at

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California Arts Council

We're a part of the creative workforce! And we’re proud to announce that our organization, Culture Flow Projects, is a 2023 @CalArtsCouncil grantee! California's state arts agency is supporting our work through their Arts and Cultural Organizations General Operating Support program. #ArtsCA

Ocandeniye Dance Company


Our partnership with Ocandeniya Dance Company is our longest running collaboration. We have grown together offering 3 weekly classes to our community in West Adams and quarterly workshops that include partners from across the diaspora. Ocandeniye has been instrumental in generating cultural awareness of Cuban dance practices and its influence across the dance space and has been a crucial partner in our multi-cultural dance community. Ocandeniye works thoroughly on showcasing the Bantu presence in Afro Cuban Dance practices. Utilizing dance as a way to heal black and brown communities strengthens our society and connection with one another. Most notably, Ocandeniye and Culture Flow Projects culminated the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Month at the USC Marshall School of Business with a workshop and performance, showcasing Cuban dance practices to the USC community. Lastly, Ocandeniye works closely with Culture Flow Projects to be involved in our youth program including participation in our recitals and showcases bringing diasporic dance to the youngest dancers in our area. 




Nest Harm Reduction has been a partner of Culture Flow Projects since the beginning of 2023. Working with Nest creates a safe space for those in our local area and the greater Los Angeles Area in need of trauma informed therapy with the scope to include not only the self but the community. Culture Flow Projects hosts bi-monthly meetings curated by Nest that explore group therapy, risk reduction education, and meditation sessions. 

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Contra Tiempo Dance Theater

CONTRA-TIEMPO is a bold, multilingual Los Angeles-based activist dance theater company that creates communities where all people are awakened to a sense of themselves as artists and social change agents who move through the world with compassion, confidence, and joy. 

Victory Dance Company

Victory Dance Company is a Praise Dance group that works with teens, including foster youth, to empower their place in the world. On and off stage, the dancers are encouraged to be creative, ambitious, and self-sufficient, influencing their dance and personal lives. 

 Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale is a group of 3 female international dancers: Marie Poppins, Lily Frias and Dassy Lee based in Los Angeles. They are putting their style of dance in the commercial world, aiming to be role models for women and inspire the future dance generation all over the world. 

Devon Cunningham Sound Bath Healing Meditation

Devon Cunningham is our resident Sound Bath Healing Meditation Partner and gives monthly sound bath at our studio space. The partnership started through Street Dance Activism in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic when the collective utilizes street dance and wellness practices to develop community and define liberation and joy for BIPOC individuals. From the advocacy and activism performed online, their partnership flourished in person when Piyoda Flow opened. Devon Cunningham’s meditation sessions with CFP are attended by a wide range of multi-generational groups and families who come to experience the healing energy and aura she so generously gives. Additionally, and through CFP, Devon has provided Sound Bath for non profit organizations through LeadersUP, opening up opportunities for BIPOC individuals in the workforce and EmpowHer a non-profit program which provides education, training, and mentorship for BIPOC young women and girls. 

Since Summer 2022, Devon has also worked closely with the Department of Parks and Recreation increasing her engagement with the greater communities in need of Los Angeles Area. 

 A place called Home (APCH) and Heidi Duckler Dance Collaboration

The collaboration between A Place Called Home (APCH), Heidi Duckler Dance, and Culture Flow Projects blended community support with artistic creativity. APCH, a pivotal resource in South Central for youth and community services, partnered with Heidi Duckler Dance and Culture Flow Projects for creative initiatives. This included summer dance residencies—one at the Nike Community Store, a hub for community engagement, and the other at Wilshire Ebell Theatre, known for its cultural importance—resulting in captivating dance films. Additionally, a fall residency with the Dance Mobile showcased performances at APCH and the Gala. This partnership signified a joint commitment to empowering South Central's youth through APCH's 30-year legacy of education, arts programs, and mentorship, fostering holistic development and artistic exploration within the community.

USC Arts and Humanities: Monthly Students/ Faculty Yoga

For three years, Culture Flow Projects collaborated with USC's Arts and Humanities Department, hosting a monthly Yoga program. This initiative brought together faculty, staff, and students, offering a space for them to engage and bond through wellness practices. These regular Yoga sessions aimed to create connections beyond academic roles, fostering unity and well-being within the USC community. The partnership highlighted a commitment to holistic growth and a sense of togetherness among university members, promoting wellness as a shared experience.

Heidi Duckler Dance Education Program

In a three-year collaboration, Culture Flow Projects partnered with Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD), sharing a vision of societal reflection. HDD's work explores identity and democracy, impacting over 10,000 underserved youth in South and East LA. They collaborated on site-specific projects like the "Yellow Mustang" performance for the 38th-anniversary celebration. These initiatives invited communities to reconsider their surroundings creatively. Together, they empowered students to engage with their environment, fostering inclusivity and fresh perspectives, aligning with their joint commitment to community-driven artistic exploration.


Educating Young Minds

Educating Young Minds (EYM) stands as a vital learning center and educational hub nestled in the vibrant Crenshaw Corridor. Dedicated to serving students from Pre-K to 12th grade, EYM operates seven comprehensive programs, among which Culture Flow Projects plays a pivotal role. Amrahu Ibraheem, a Board of Director member at EYM, doubles as the Director of Operations for Culture Flow Projects, bridging these two influential organizations. The collaboration between EYM and Culture Flow Projects has facilitated a rich exchange of knowledge and experience. As part of this partnership, three instructors from Culture Flow Projects' SEED Fellowship program have been actively engaged in teaching dance and yoga during EYM's programming. This joint effort not only enhances the educational experience for EYM students but also exemplifies the commitment of both organizations to enriching young minds through holistic and diverse educational initiatives.


St James Episcopal

For the past three years, Culture Flow Projects has forged a partnership with St. James Episcopal School, a distinguished institution catering to Pre and Elementary education, renowned for its commitment to fostering diversity, cultural understanding, and community heritage. This collaboration between Culture Flow Projects and St. James Episcopal School has been instrumental in crafting after-school programs that have enriched the students' experiences. Through dedicated efforts, a diverse range of offerings including dance, yoga, language studies, and cultural explorations have been integrated into the school's after-school curriculum. These programs have not only expanded the students' horizons but also instilled a deep appreciation for different cultures, nurturing a sense of inclusivity and celebration of diversity among the school community.


Selcouth dance theater company aims to create projects to invoke, empower, and inspire its audience. Through performances and educational programs, we want to shed light to the space in between our knowing and unknowing ways of being, to help us un-learn movements, beliefs, ways, perspectives that we didn’t consciously choose, to recognize the limits that we might have unwillingly accepted, internalized, and embodied and liberate ourselves from them. With a base in dance theater, everyday gestures, instinctive movements, social dances, and contemporary forms we create projects that are relevant to the here and now.

Culture Flow Projects at Piyoda Flow has been providing ongoing rehearsal space to the company since the beginning of 2022.

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