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Culture Flow Projects’ and SEED Artists Residency's mission is to create space for exciting and meaningful performances in the genre of afro diasporic, street and social dance. We strive to support and amplify the voices and work of dancers who are BIPOC or come from marginalized or minoritized experiences. Our work is centered around keeping varied cultures and dance practices alive and thriving through producing and presenting experimental performances.


The commercial dance industry in LA continues to be a place where street and social dancers can thrive and make a living. At the same time, the entertainment industry can be or feel limiting for those interested in approaching dance more experimentally or through the lens of art-making. Furthermore, we have seen the ways the commercial dance industry has negatively impacted those in our community on the level of mental health (e.g. toxicity emerging from competition; labor exploitation; nonconsensual practices; fatphobia and body shaming; negotiation of morals and beliefs to make ends meet) thus impacting their longevity and/or quality of life as professionals in the field.

We aim to address these problems in our community by providing space (rehearsal and venue space) and mentorship (professional development and peer support) for street and social dancers to tell their stories and experiment through dance theater making on dance concert stages. In our work methods, mentoring sessions, choreographic and movement workshops are led by established practitioners in street and social dance.


The aim of Culture Flow Projects (CFP) is to be a catalyst for exciting and meaningful performances in the genre of afro diasporic, street and social dance experimental choreography. Being inspired by the trend in European street dance theater culture we aim to build a presence of and engagement of street dance in dance concert productions. In the U.S., there has not been an equally visible platform for our discipline.  In providing space to create, thus enhancing artistic abilities, we produce a platform we hope to spark conversations that address social justice and mental health issues while building a presence of and engagement in street and social dance concert productions. Especially given that many of these forms, such as Breaking, House dance, and Waacking, originated here, in the US. Our experimental methods in developing work allows for freedom of expression while keeping dance cultures alive culminating in meaningful breathtaking performances.

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