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Do I have to register?

Register before coming to class.

Note that some of our workshops/classes are listed on Instagram @piyodaflow only, or renters IG, and may not have website registration through us.


How’s parking?

Parking is limited in the lot 11am-5pm. Free street parking is always available close by. Before 11am and after 5pm, there is up to 30 parking spaces in the lot!

Do I need to bring a mat to Yoga or Pilates?

Yes! Bring your own mat to Yoga and Pilates


What if I am late?

Being on Time is best. We allow people in up to 15 min after class start. If late, please warm up on your own to avoid injuries


Can I share my class card/package?

We love families getting to share the love of movement together. Class packages can ONLY be shared with your child or your parent

Should I check the schedule before coming to class?

Schedule is subject to change. Always check the website, our Instagram @piyodaflow and the teaching artist IG. We do our best to update all.

Where may I put my belongings during class?

In class, all cubbyholes are there to store belongings. Please refrain from leaving things on the floor. We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for any lost or stolen items.

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